Stick horse

Looking for a fun way to mix some playful and inspiring time with a bit of outdoor activity? You’re in the right place! Hop in, start exploring our collection, and get your very own stick horse! It’s a perfect gift for a child with passion for animals and riding. There is more — you can also build your unique obstacle course using the wooden element you’ll find in our online store. Combine it with a ton of beautiful accessories, a range of colour options, or even DIY boxes to create your own mustang, and you’ll get the full picture. Visit our website and see what’s you’re missing!

Electric sample coffee roasters

Do you want to experiment and improve all aspects of your product's taste? With our offer you can forget about having to run an entire production line. We offer such equipment as electric sample coffee roasters. With this solution you will be able to test, determine taste, aroma and conduct experiments.