Loan broker

We provide services to foreigners living in Poland who want to invest money or in any other way handle their finances. We are certified by the Financial Supervision Authority (KNF). It allows us to access classified information from banks and other financial institutions. What are some of the services that a loan broker provide? Among other things, we offer financial expertise. We advise on which banking provider to choose and what are their interest rates. As a firm, we also act on behalf of our clients and represent them in financial institutions.

Garden furniture store

Who doesn't love redecorating their homes? We strongly believe that a house is the most important space in the whole wide world. That is why, as a garden and furniture store, it is our mission to provide clients with the best equipment as well as desks, tables, chairs, decorations, and accessories of a quality that is second to none. We also offer toys for children: whether your child prefers dolls or cars - we've got you covered! Many parents buy blue, green or pink safety bed rails for their kid's beds.

Logistics operator

We are a trucking company that specializes in heavy goods transport. Our organization is a great place for any logistics operator interested in working with us on providing support for our business partners. The values we believe in help us keep the best conditions of movement of merchandise for every Client. Our exclusive hauling contracts ensure that a specific vehicle or a number of them are being rented to a specific Customer only. All of our drivers carry their duties in a timely manner to satisfy the needs of the contractors.