Logistics operator

We are a trucking company that specializes in heavy goods transport. Our organization is a great place for any logistics operator interested in working with us on providing support for our business partners. The values we believe in help us keep the best conditions of movement of merchandise for every Client. Our exclusive hauling contracts ensure that a specific vehicle or a number of them are being rented to a specific Customer only. All of our drivers carry their duties in a timely manner to satisfy the needs of the contractors.

Custom made bathtubs

What we, as a company value the most is ingenuous projects, unmatched skills and careful execution of a great vision. Our designers work closely with the clients to get to know their needs. We manufacture custom made bathtubs, wash bins and accessories. Whether you want us to design something from scratch, or rely on your plan, we are the team you need. Each piece of furniture is individually handcrafted and manufactured out of wood. Our focus is not just on unique aesthetics, but also on functionality.