Underground leak detection

If you live in North Staffordshire area and suspect there is water overflow somewhere, contact us to get a professional service! We specialise in underground leak detection, offering also a 24-hour emergency service, being always ready to help when you are in need. Not only will we find the source of the trouble, but we also will replace the damaged pipe with an entirely new one. If you hear strange rumbling noises, experience unpleasant smells around, or have damp ceiling and drywall, just call us!

Aesthetic clinic

Our Aesthetic clinic would like to welcome you. We offer face and neck treatments that will make you look younger and overall better. Feel confident in your own skin again. Our practitioners are well-trained and with many years of experience. The procedures are harmless to you nad do not cause any pain. Be sure to check the prices on our website - there are no hidden payments. Visit us in Dublin, Galway or Belfast. There is no better way to boost your self-esteem than to look nice and desirable!

Factory gas heaters

Highly effective solutions for climate control in industrial plants of all kinds. Our factory gas heaters are perfectly fit for large areas, such as production sites, assembly lines, werehouses or even electric power plants. We aim to provide solutions that will optimise the energy management of the site, also when it comes to financial aspects. We offer systems fueled with natural gas - the aim is to deliver substantial savings to our clients. We also provide custom solutions, tailored to the standards set by the client and the industry.

Emergency Repairs

Whether your house was hit by lightning or was vandalized, we can fix her right up. Our team of experienced employees will knock on your door equipped with professional equipment, as you relax and have a nice hot cup of tea. The damage does not matter - we are ready to bring everything to the way it was. Quick restoration of property is what we are good at - and you can trust that no matter how bad the situation is, we will help you get your home or office operational again - for more info, call us.

Central heating

Thanks to our offer you will be able to stay warm even in the middle of cold winter! Our offer includes creating new systemd of central heating. Thanks to our company, you will be able to take care of your space in a personalised way! Becasue of our modern technologies, you can design a system which will, for example, be controlled by a remote or have wireless control. Moreover, one of our options is to have your space divided into zones, each of which can be controlled separately! Come to our specialists in Manchester and take care of your house!

Removals Dublin

We are a family-run company specialising in house and office removals. Dublin is only of the many cities we operate in! We have engaged in many successful projects in Sutton, Clontarf, Marino and many other locations in all Ireland. With more than few decades of experience we know perfectly well how to perform even those tasks that seem impossible at first glance. You can count on our help at every step of the procedure. We will take care of everything (packing, loading the trucks etc.) and make sure that all your items arrive in perfect condition to their new location.

wedding videography

Our team accompanies the groom and bride through all the moments of one of the most important days of their lives. We approach each client individually, trying to act in accordance with their sensitivity and sense of aesthetics. Our wedding videography captures every minute that is worth remembering: every toast, smile, good word. On our website you can browse through some beautiful events we have attended so far. You'll find us in Orlando, but we'd love to travel even to another state to meet you.

Pest control services

We are a team of specialists working in whole Dublin and the surrounding areas. What you can expect from us is the best quality service and being thourough in eliminating every insect and rodent. Our pest control services include working in various spaces - not only domestic, but also industrial and agricultural. We will arrive at your place with all the necessary equipment to eliminate the problem once and for all, effectively, quickly and discretely. Whether you face the problem of cockroaches, or flies, we are ready to solve it.

Covid test Cork

Are you planning a trip abroad? Make sure to take a PCR Covid test before your flight! This is the only universally accepted proof that you do not have the virus. We pay an enormous attention to detail and quality, as our labs have been approved by the Health & Safety Executive. If you are short on time and need immediate confirmation, you can visit our facility in Cork before 11 AM. You will get your results on the same day! You will also receive specific instructions what to do next if the result turns out to be positive.